Android TV-Box MXQ Pro 4K: Review

The TV-Box is today a gadget that most homes have in their lounge room. This gadget permits you to utilize your TV to ride the Internet and play your #1 computer games on full screen. Find in this article everything identified with the TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k.

Presenting the smart TV box MXQ Pro 4k

The MXQ Pro 4k is a TV Box with an exceptionally exemplary plan. Minimal, it stands apart for its somewhat little size, its square shape, and its thickness of just 3 cm. Its matte dark tone, not extremely delicate to fingerprints, makes this gadget considerably more exquisite. A working LED is on the facade of the case, which gives it a more prominent visual allure.


MXQ Pro 4k is a TV-Box very easy to install. Therefore, you can install it directly after purchase without the help of a professional. You will find in the package a user manual that gives you the details and all the steps to correctly install your TV-Box

Going into details here is how to install the TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k. Decide first on the location of the device (keep in mind that it is usually placed on the back of the TV). Then, connect the TV-Box to the TV using the HDMI cable that also comes with the package.

Connect the infrared receiver to turn on the remote control of the MXQ Pro 4k. You can also consider connecting a mouse to use the device more comfortably.


As for the firmware, the TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k is quite powerful. It has an activation system that allows easier and faster activation. Regarding its Bit system, it is 64 bits.

MXQ Pro 4k TV-BOX, is it useful for IPTV?

Regarding IPTV subscriptions, we must admit that the TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k is effective. In fact, this TV-Box lets you enjoy all your favorite TV channels. It also allows you to play your favorite video games and surf the Internet.

However, since most of the IPTV subscriptions offered on the Internet are illegal, it is essential that you conduct a thorough investigation before subscribing to a provider.

But, if you are attracted to this type of illegal subscription due to its very economical price, I highly recommend you install a VPN on your TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k. All the information about you and your identity will be completely secure.

Where to buy it cheaper?

There are a lot of stores in Spain that offer smart TV-Box for Android. Therefore, you can find the TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k in most electronics stores.

Also, as online sales are booming, you can also consider buying this TV-Box online. You will find it in almost all Spanish e-commerce sites and even on foreign sites.

It must be recognized, however, that the price offered by each site is highly variable. To get the TV box MXQ Pro 4k at the best price, choose the best-known sites, mainly on AmazonAliexpress y Joom.

Technical Features

The TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k has 4 USB 2.0 inputs, an SD card slot, an HDMI 2.0 output, and an AV output. This shows that this TV-Box model is broadly compatible with a large number of devices.

What is really interesting is that the TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k is the first to be equipped with the new Amlogic processor, the S90X S905 (Cortex A-53, 64 bit) Quad-Core 2 GHz, S90X series.

The TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k is equipped with an ARM Mali-450 Penta-Core graphics card, which gives it all its power. As for its memory, this TV-Box model is equipped with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of emmc ROM memory, expandable up to 32 GB with a micro-SD card. Therefore, you can comfortably store all the video in the TV-Box’s memory.

This large amount of storage memory also allows a quick launch of your favorite applications. The TV-Box MXQ Pro 4k runs with the version of Android 5.1.1, which, admittedly, is not the most recent version. However, it allows you to quickly download applications from your TV.

In terms of connectivity, the MXQ Pro 4k is compatible with a wide range of devices, as it has 4 USB 2 ports, a SPDIF, and an AV port. Therefore, you can consider connecting this TV-Box to a keyboard, a mouse, or external hard drives. The MXQ Pro 4k also offers excellent image quality, so you can enjoy TV and your favorite video games.

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